The Power of Behaviour AI for Cities | Episode Three
Humanising Autonomy Team
June 22, 2023

In this 30 minute webinar, we explore how cities are using innovative technologies – like behaviour-based artificial intelligence – to improve road safety, decrease traffic congestion, and prevent risky incidents, as well as some of the technological challenges that cities are faced with when building efficient, effective, and liveable places and some of the key factors driving their use of AI.

By enabling an understanding of how sustainable and safe current movement patterns are, urban planners are better-informed when it comes to deciding how cities are designed, updated, and improved.

Featuring a fireside chat with Simon Franco, CEO of Sitt y Cia, a Colombian based engineering firm working with cities and local authorities, and guest speaker Natalia Ocampo, the General Director of Programa Servicios Transito, the logistics and technological operator for the city of Cali.

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