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1bn+ Analysed Behaviours

Humanising Autonomy has the largest proprietary dataset of human behaviours to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our HDAS SDK.

5+ Years of Specialist R&D

Our Behaviour AI can comprehend, infer, and predict human behaviour, enhancing the performance of our HDAS offering and accelerating your speed to market.

Detection From Up to 80m Away

Humanising Autonomy’s patented software can detect people up to 80 metres away, while driving up to 40 m/ph.

A Collision Warning is an alert delivered when a potential collision with another road user is detected or predicted. Processing the camera footage in real-time, Humanising Autonomy’s Behaviour AI platform will detect and track objects (VRUs, vehicles and other road users) as they come into the frame.

Depending on the Time to Collision (TTC) value and the Ego Vehicle Velocity (EVV) calculation, an alert will be generated to the vehicle controller.

Our Humanised Driver Assistance Systems (HDAS) SDK is compatible with various user cases and includes ready-to-integrate, easy-to-deploy features.

ADAS Warning Alerts

Forward Collision Warning for Vehicles

VRU Forward Collision Warning

Rear Collision Warning

Lane departure warning

Underlying Features

Tracking and Detection

Detection of objects within a given frame and tracking of that same object during a period.

Time to Collision (TTC)

The value of time calculated before a collision is detected.

Ego Vehicle
Velocity (EVV)

Input mechanisms for the software to receive data for the speed of the ego vehicle.

Distance and
Velocity Estimation

The estimated value of distance and velocity.

What You Get

SDK for Configurable Alerts

SDK Documentation

Dedicated Solution Design Support

Developed with Real World Considerations


Temperature, season of the year, time of day, lighting conditions.


Road type, lane marking, road curvature.


Vehicles, speed, and message types.

Advanced engineering combined with behaviour expertise.

We are a diverse collective of experts in engineering, behaviour psychology, business, and technology. Combined, we develop powerful, ethical, and accessible software that enables Automotive and Dash Cam leaders to launch exciting and unmatched products.

Our core differentiator is the interpretable AI we develop and the methodologies we combine to ensure our customers –
and theirs – are protected.

Humanising Autonomy_Humanised Driver Assistance Systems (HDAS)_1
Humanising Autonomy_Humanised Driver Assistance Systems (HDAS)_1

Pioneering ADAS perception to the world's first smart dash cam

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