ISO Policy
  • Document ID: DOC-002
  • Status: Concept
  • Reference: ISO 9001:2015 5.2
  • Revision Number: 00
  • Doc Name: Quality Policy


Humanising Autonomy facilitate natural interaction between automated systems and people in any environment, across multiple market segments. We believe human behaviour should be the universal design principle behind our automated systems, and account for contexts and cultures. We are working with machines to teach them how to read our visual signals, and what they could mean in any city or moment. We want machines to understand our behaviours, our intentions and respond accordingly.

Our deep technical knowledge and team of professionals with backgrounds in a variety of fields means our understanding of customers’ pain points is unparalleled. We partner with automakers to embrace fully autonomous vehicles as they simultaneously innovate the driving experience with ADAS systems. We understand the benefit of offering fleet owners, and those who work with fleet owners, unparalleled visibility into the safety and activity surrounding their fleets.

We’re enabling an urban mobility ecosystem that is built around people, and not the other way around. This new approach means we value innovation, creative thinking and out-of-the box ideas. In order to optimise the processes and the quality of the organisation’s output, Humanising Autonomy’s business operations must be properly safeguarded and optimised. To achieve this, Humanising Autonomy has set up and implemented a management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. Satisfying the expectations of customers and relevant stakeholders and continuously improving the internal organization is central to this.

A combination of risk inventories, internal project evaluations, customer satisfaction analyses, laws and regulations compliance checks and internal audits helps to identify possible improvements within the processes of our organization. By analyzing information and implementing improvements based on this information, a learning organization where continuous improvement is central.

The scope of the management system is determined as: Development of software for detection, tracking and estimating other information of people from visual sensors, to inform industrial safety systems.

  • Place, Date: London, 01 / 10 / 2021
  • Name: Leslie Nooteboom

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