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1.35m deaths

on the world’s roads annually

148 hrs lost

due to congestion in London (2021)

$53b cost

to the US due to congestion (2021)

Using pioneering Behaviour AI, we offer traffic management and monitoring providers a much needed layer of human context to enrich current intelligent transport systems (ITS). By quickly understanding the ‘why’ behind the how, where and when people move, cities can make de-risked planning and investment decisions, and roll-out citywide initiatives with confidence.

Humanising Autonomy’s Traffic Management Solution helps spot traffic patterns sooner, and gives context behind risky incidents happening across cities, to help make faster and smarter urban planning decisions.


  • Understanding how and why near miss events happen – and how many and which type of road users were involved.

  • Support VisionZero initiatives: understand crash analytics and risks to better inform decisions.


  • Understand and predict the behaviour of specific or new road user types to optimise traffic flow by understanding the usage of space (paths) of objects.

  • Avoid costly decisions based on outdated insight and stay ahead of emerging trends.


  • Extract relevant historical patterns of how and where objects (vehicles and people) move to unlock powerful movement strategies for city planning purposes, and improve the city’s infrastructure.

  • Improve ROI on investments.


  • Better inform intelligent transport systems (ITS) with user behaviour insight e.g. crowding at transport hubs, crossing intent in specific zones of interest, and near misses.

  • Spot causes of traffic congestion to better address them.

Humanising Autonomy’s Behaviour AI software uses computer vision to extract trustworthy insight and provide valuable context behind risky incidents, traffic congestion areas and road crashes – with the capability of differentiating traffic and movement patterns by road user type.

Integrate our modular road traffic management technology into your traffic solution via our cloud platform or an SDK – at a fraction of the cost to develop this tool in-house.

Improved safety and reduced accidents
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Optimised traffic flow and improved inclusivity
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Cost-savings and better informed decisions
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Core problems we solve for
traffic management customers:

Traffic Management Package
An ideal solution for city solution providers looking to add pioneering technology into their platforms, and for city leaders looking to make their roads safer and easier to navigate.
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The mobility expert that needed scaled insight for new customers: After a successful proof of concept, Company S continued working with Humanising Autonomy to access valuable information on the mobility and safety within their city that could improve decision-making around traffic flow and road safety. Using CCTV and other infrastructure cameras installed at different points, they can see what’s happening with traffic patterns, crashes and other road user patterns across multiple junctions and roads, across multiple cities, and between different road user types, including pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks.

The transport system that needed to update its pattern trends: Company M turned to Humanising Autonomy to explore how they could speedily, effectively, and efficiently use footage from existing CCTV and infrastructure cameras to help evaluate what was happening at its busiest interchanges. Their priority was to work within their existing budget – avoiding the time- and cost-consumption required for new hardware installations. Through our Behaviour AI platform, we helped them extract critical and evolved pattern trends around social distancing, footfall density across specific times and days, and high-risk areas for clustering.

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