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Reported killed or seriously injured (KSI) casualties (GB, 2022)


Human costs for serious casualties in road accidents (GB, 2020)

Over 50%

Of road traffic deaths are vulnerable road users (VRUs) (WHO, 2022)

Combining in-vehicle camera footage, GPS data, and our Behaviour AI models, we provide usable insights at speed for accurate road scene reconstruction – support insurance requirements on demand to help you understand the root cause of incidents and prevent unnecessary downtime, and make insurance claim reporting more efficient.


  • Preempt unplanned vehicle downtime by removing unnecessary delays after an incident and speeding up post-incident reporting.

  • Extract critical information accurately and quickly, including facts on what happened, why and actions the driver could have done to avoid the incident.


  • Access detailed incident reconstruction reports, including graphical representations of directional pathways of the vehicles involved, their speed, and severity of impact to help prove the root cause of a crash.

  • Receive trustworthy video-based evidence, which helps provide evidence when a driver is not at fault.


  • Create a win-win situation for fleet owners and insurance companies who want an effective and efficient way of settling insurance claims faster.

  • Our video-based data points are designed based on evidence required by insurance companies and support first notification of loss (FNOL) reports.


  • We carefully model our computer vision software so that you can understand how and why our AI has come to a specific conclusion, which means the data and insight we extract are transparent and trustworthy – a key factor in reporting, submitting claims, and meeting regulatory requirements with scene reconstruction.

Each Incident Reconstruction Report includes:

  • Time and Date

  • GPS Location and Address

  • Duration

  • Directional path of the ego vehicle and any incoming object(s)

  • Velocity estimations of both ego vehicle and incoming object(s)

  • G-force values to measure the severity of impact before, during and after incident

  • Distance and orientation of incoming object

  • 2D bounding boxes of all objects in the video

  • 3D bounding boxes for all vehicles in the video

Integrate our modular technology into your telematics solution via our cloud platform or an SDK – at a fraction of the cost to develop this tool in-house.

Rapid response for incidents and support for drivers
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Decreasing vehicle and fleet downtime
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Efficiency in incident reporting and insurance claims
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Core problems the Scene Reconstruction product addresses:

Scene Reconstruction Package
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