Ethical Behaviour AI changing how machines understand people
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Our powerful Behaviour AI software combines novel deep learning, behavioural psychology, and statistical AI to help customers using camera and video footage make better informed business decisions.

Using video feeds or camera footage, our ethical AI model can infer complex human actions, emotions and intentions to generate insights to create automated responses specific to the person and relevant to their situation and/or environment.

  • Extra protection for hazardous environments

  • Enable alerts for risky incidents between people and moving vehicles

  • Highlight high-risk areas and patterns 

  • Analysis of object movement around zones of interest

  • Compliance / risk reporting


Ideal for building sites, warehouses and in manufacturing

  • Layer of human context to better inform ITS activities

  • Speedy analysis of live video streams or historical videos for traffic monitoring and near miss incidents

  • Extract insight on how, where, when and why people, vehicles and other objects are moving 


Ideal for intelligent transport systems and traffic monitoring

  • Prevent crashes and improve VRU-vehicle safety

  • Improve risky driver behaviours for training

  • Enable real-time alerts for crossing intent 

  • Extract vehicle and VRU speed from videos

  • Enhance existing Forward Collision and Blind Spot Monitoring applications


Ideal for automotive, dashcam, forklifts and machinery

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