Ethical Behaviour AI keeping roads safe and experiences pleasant.

Save Money, Time & Resources

We’ve invested years into translating human behaviour into useable insight for real-time road safety alerts. That means you can access and apply our expertise easier, faster, and at a fraction of development cost.

Better Safety for Drivers & VRUs

Our HDAS SDK protects all vulnerable road users (VRUs), including pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists, and vehicle drivers. Our human-centric methodologies result in better accuracy and reliability.

More Pleasant Experiences

Since our Collision Warning SDK applies human behavioural context into its logic engine, our rate of false alerts decrease significantly, which means drivers get less warnings, making a more pleasant driving experience.

Competitive Market Edge

Stand out from competitors by providing your customers – and theirs – multiple layers of value, such as improving driver confidence, meeting safety standards, decreasing road collisions and preventing loss of human life.

Partners and customers:

Prevent crashes and improve VRU-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Vehicle Safety with our Humanised Driver Assistance System (HDAS). Our Collision Warning SDK is easily integrated into existing dash cam models and retrofit safety devices for vehicles, and enables real-time alerts for ADAS systems.

An ideal addition to dash cam tech stacks and Tier 1 safety solutions, including camera-based devices.

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