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The future of sustainable, efficient, and safe cities depends on its human-centricity - and how streets, transportation hubs, and spaces are designed to meet people’s ever-changing movement patterns. However, most traffic management systems (TMS) and intelligent transport systems (ITS) don’t yet analyse contextual human behaviour as part of their video analytics offering.

Without human context, people are deprioritised in city planning and development decisions, which lead to costly inefficiencies in traffic flow, increased risky incidents, and a poor user experience.

Humanising Autonomy_Urban Behaviour Analysis for Cities_1


Understand the context behind how people move through cities and spaces to improve efficiency and effectiveness of city plans and designs. Our Urban Behaviour Analysis captures the movement of people, vehicles, motorcyclists and other road users, and translates their behaviour patterns into useable data for urban planners to better inform decisions on city and space design.

See the “why” behind the “what”. Understand eagle-eye stats around density, dwelling, trajectory, near misses, and traffic flow categorisation, broken down into segmented data for pedestrians, motorcyclists, vehicles, buses, or a new road user – important for extracting behaviours and patterns specific to each classification.

Once integrated, this powerful data is fed directly through existing TMS and ITS platforms, so that there’s no need for painful, costly, and complex installations of new systems or long procurement cycles.

Humanising Autonomy_Urban Behaviour Analysis for Cities_1


Get accurate counts of different road users, dwell times, and trajectory within a zone.

Contextual Near Misses

See how many Near Misses happened, their locations, who was involved and when, and the timing of each.

Traffic Flow Categorisation

Learn how the flow of traffic changes over time in a pre-defined zone of interest, and its impact on safety.

Near Real-Time Processing

Connect to a live source camera for near real-time ingestion and processing. Includes manual calibration.

How It Works
Humanising Autonomy_Urban Behaviour Analysis for Cities_1
Humanising Autonomy_Urban Behaviour Analysis for Cities_1
Humanising Autonomy_Urban Behaviour Analysis for Cities_1
Humanising Autonomy_Urban Behaviour Analysis for Cities_1
Key Benefits

City Assessment

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the city as it is today. Identify dangerous junctions, hazardous road furniture, and movement patterns of people over time, and how these are impacted by road layouts or new road users.

Traffic Efficiency

Understand the state of flow of traffic over time in a given street, intersection, or highway. Identify sources of traffic congestion, and movement patterns of vehicles, buses, and other road users over time and at specified times.

Impact of Planning

Enable data-driven decisions to ensure road infrastructure is optimised for safety and efficiency, whilst reducing the potential for incidents and improving overall urban mobility – all based on human-centric insight and context.

Risk Index

Analyse new road layout features and enable a faster understanding of risk compared to traditional methods that rely on waiting for serious accidents or fatalities to occur by comparing the before and after of a new layout.

Cost Savings

Save money and drive value across the supply chain, from technology providers to cities, with our ready-to-integrate, cost-effective software. Designed for TMS tech stacks, we help decrease potential risks and costly liabilities in cities.


Keep people safe by decreasing incidents and crashes – and protecting their privacy. Our ethical computer vision solution offers transparency and interpretability, so that you – and your customers – can trust the data and insights we provide.

Humanising Autonomy_Urban Behaviour Analysis for Cities_1

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