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total costs to UK employers due to workplace injury and ill health in 2018/19

workers hurt

by an injury at work in 2020/21 in the UK, Labour Force Survey

£26.9 million
in fines

resulting from prosecutions taken, or referred to COPFS

With workplace injuries on the rise, companies are desperate for solutions that prevent work-related injuries – and the costly down-time, loss of resource or other issues that follow.

Humanising Autonomy’s Health & Safety Solution helps spot patterns behind risky incidents happening in industrial settings.

Keep an Eye on Worker Safety

  • Quickly builds a picture of what’s happening within a space accurately and reliably

  • Insight into how and where people are moving, where accidents are taking place, and where the riskiest incidents are happening.

Know Where and How to De-risk Hazardous Sites

  • Analyse the number of incidents where collisions between objects – including people, vehicles, and other machinery – nearly happened.

  • Better inform decisions around Health & Safety priorities and necessary changes.

Reduce Liability and Improve Incident Reporting

  • Access trustworthy and transparent insight behind recorded incidents.

  • Aids in rigorous and strict requirements for compliance, insurance claims, and liability cases.

Get Efficient Information with Fewer False Positives

  • Our model can understand context, such as the difference between a human-vehicle near miss vs. a person just in proximity to a vehicle, so that the customer gets fewer false positives.

Our pioneering computer-vision software enables insight that is transparent, reliable, and trustworthy enough to meet requirements for compliance, incident reporting and insurance claims. Our modular technology integrates into new and existing systems, so that you don’t have to spend millions in developing these valuable features in-house or bespoke.

Extra layer of worker safety
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Accurate analysis of risky incidents
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Easy integration with legacy systems
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Core problems we solve
for the Health & Safety industry:

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The factory that needed safe navigation for its AGVs: Company A decided to use Humanising Autonomy’s pioneering Behaviour AI technology to enable safe and efficient navigation for the AGVs within the factory. The insight from our Movement Pattern Analysis layered with our Near Miss detection provided a powerful understanding of how and where people are moving and where risky incidents are happening, meaning making better-informed decisions on safety planning for warehousing and similar industrial spaces.

The construction company with one too many unreported accidents: Company B needed to speedily, effectively, and efficiently use footage from CCTV and infrastructure cameras to help fill in the gaps of what happened during an incident. Our Behaviour AI platform can process high volumes of videos quickly for analysis and prioritise flagged videos in which something really happened for accurate analysis. Our Behaviour AI model is transparency and interpretable – so the analysis we provide is trustworthy and can be used for incident reporting and claims.

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