Humanising Autonomy teaches machines to understand how people behave, so that any human-machine interaction is safe, efficient and, most importantly, more human.

Whether it's a vehicle, traffic flow system or any other automated technology - we enable machines to trigger more relevant responses faster for a smooth and pleasant user experience.

As you scroll through our city, you'll encounter common urban distractions and interactions with VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users). Along the way, you'll learn about Humanising Autonomy's Behaviour AI platform and how it can add a layer of human context and behaviour-based safety enhancements for telematics technology.

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Pedestrian ahead, drive with caution.
"Wow, I love this song! I wonder who the artist is."
Pedestrian at risk within vehicle path - brake immediately.
Our technology extracts the velocities and distances of vulnerable road users from the van. million fleet videos - if only someone could provide a solution to filter out the irrelevant data and show me what is important
All illustrations were created by our engineer, Javier Dejuan
Our platform enables only the most valuable insights from your video data, and can be inputted into your existing dashboard or product.

Reduce information overload, uncover the context behind flagged events, get the full picture from your footage and improve driver training initiatives whilst eliminating unnecessary costs.

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